Marian E. Seiders

Inspiration & Philosophy

Life in all its complications and suprises gives me inspiration for my art. I especially love the old, rusted, forgotten thing. Things left derilict. They suggest to me echoes of the past, the inevitability of decay and the end of life.....but also what is left behind that goes on.

For me, you cannot seperate my art from my life. It all goes together. Teaching it, and making it, and everything in between have a bearing on what I feel, think, and therefore create. It is playful and fun, a spiritual practice of sorts, and my psychiatrist!

Assemblage is my favorite art form though I started out as a painter. In assemblage you can take the detritus that is left over, discarded, or broken, and turn it into something interesting or beautiful. It is re-cycling which helps the environment, but it also forces people to look at things differently. Things they thought were of no use, or ugly take on new life and suprise them.

Painting is an alternate art form now, something I enjoy doing as a break from assemblage. Watercolor or acrylic. I also enjoy altering books and the occasional foray into ceramics or other art forms.

I believe wholeheartedly that people in general would be happier if they found a "passion" to pursue, or an enthusiasm that carries them away. I am a person who loves what I love and tells everyone about it!! Just ask my friends about my love of Bollywood!

Take a look at the art and please comment and critique. I would love to hear what you have to say. Contact me with questions also, I hope you enjoy what you see and also maybe get some inspiration to get going on your OWN art work!!

Most of the art pieces are for sale. 'If you are interested just contact me on the "Links" page and we can discuss.